TOP Advisor

TOP Advisor is an interactive, web-based application that allows users to manage customer accounts and track portfolio performance anytime, anywhere. Financial advisors are able to manage their books of business via multiple desktop browsers and tablet/mobile operating systems.

Talisys designed TOP Advisor to simplify navigation and provide easy access to the most relevant information.

TOP Advisor has full trading and performance reporting capabilities, giving advisors the flexibility needed to better serve clients and maximize productivity.


Provides a customizable overview of advisor performance, total assets, recent activity, account groups and individual accounts. This view also shows important news and market updates that may impact their book of business.

Account Groups

Advisors have the ability to see the value and performance of all accounts in a specific group. From a high level, users can view a production summary of all accounts to better understand the relationship between accounts in the group. Users can also attach notes and set alerts for each group.

Individual Accounts

This view provides more details and data views for holdings, balances, performance, and activity for a specific account. Comparable to Account Groups, this view summarizes data from a high-level and allows users to attach notes and set alerts.

Trade Ticket

TOP Advisor has full trading and reporting capabilities, and provides a more structured trading ticket for improved readability including additional trade information prior to submitting the trade.