TOP Analytics

TOP Analytics allows firms to reduce risk and improve business decisions on-the-go. Financial advisors have clear access to all data and real-time access to account activities. Data is accessible at any point during the day . All dashboards are fully customizable to meet the needs of each business group. Users can expand viewing space on all screens, adjust columns, and save favorite views for easy navigation and tracking.

Incorporate Live Data Feeds

TOP Analytics currently uses a variety of data feeds, and users can incorporate 3rd-party data, including pricing. Prices can be fed to the largest margin and stock accounts to determine equity as well as reduce risk in a falling market.

Customize your Views

Department heads can monitor their specific areas and customize views as needed. Users can drill down into data points and categories to view more detail such as profitability, performance, holdings, activity, cost and pricing.

Sort, Export, & Print

Users can access any dashboard and export or print a detailed report in a variety of formats including CSV, Excel, and PDF.