TOP Corporate Actions

TOP Corporate Actions provides a
comprehensive web-based solution that automates corporate actions processing, from initial setup and notification delivery through automated response capture. These solutions help reduce reliance on paper, minimize risk, lower costs and increase straight-through processing in the back office.The application is fully customizable and can conform to all types of structures
to meet the needs of each business line. Users can choose from multiple skins and white label the application.

Robust Workflow

TOP Corporate Actions gives users the ability the setup work-flows related to multi-level approvals for notifications setup and election processing.

Full Audit Trail

TOP Corporate Actions provides a full audit trail for each notification, election and processing activity that occurs.

Straight-through Processing

This view provides more details and data views for holdings, balances, performance and activity for a specific account. Similar to Account Groups, this view summarizes data from a high-level and allows users to attach notes and set alerts.