Top Investor

TOP Investor is the latest real-time solution in the TOP product suite tailored specifically for the individual investor with one or multiple accounts at any financial institution. This platform is created for use on all browsers and devices. Navigation is engineered for ease of use, allowing quick access to the most relevant data with the latest in web design and functionality. The user-friendly menus, homepage and dashboard can be configured to display the information they want and the view they want.

Manage Accounts

Users can create a custom group of accounts, assign or change an account name, customize the display order of groups or accounts within a group, remove an account from a group or delete a group. This allows users to view groups similar to a household view.

Your Advisor

Displays details and contact information of all advisors associated to the accounts on the login. Users can choose their primary contact, and it will show up on their dashboard at logging in.

Account Security

Allows users to manage and edit client information, change login, password, and security questions.


Users can manage e-Delivery settings in this tab by checking or unchecking boxes, receiving statements, confirms, and government documents for specific accounts. This seeing also allows users to edit and manage e-Shareholder Communications.